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2B Winston Gardens, Poole BH12 1PN, UK

Opening Hours:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
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Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 2B Winston Gardens, Poole BH12 1PN, UK
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When you’re working on behalf of others, managing your finances isn’t always your first priority. It may not even be in your comfort zone.Balloon Accounting can support. With my own experience in the care system, I can guide, advise and hand hold organisations like yours that are frequently needing just that little bit more financial savvy. I understand you. I’ve been in your shoes. Let me support you. You might find it odd for me to tell you who I can’t work with but there’s no point in wasting anyones time as time is so precious.Unfortunately I can’t work with everyone, I wish I could but it’s simply not possible. So, I’ve written a blog post here to explain this in more detail. Let’s face it, your work is very different to the average business. Caring for others is your primary driver whether your area of expertise is fostering, child nursery, alternative education provision, care home, social care, mental health, physical health (therapies), a Community Interest Company (CiC), Charity or something else. But the health of your business directly affects the extent of the help you can give and I want to maximise that for you. With my own experience in this sector, I have the insights and learnings that will help you.If you need advice to gain solid foundations without any judgement then Balloon Accounting is for you. Let us share the highs and the lows. Together. At Balloon Accounting we believe in supporting in any way we can. Downloading this book will help you to understand: The top 8 accounting challenges faced by every organisationWhy these challenges matterWhy following the correct path can lead you to success How the right accountant makes a difference to your business And much more….. If you like what you see, and how we think at Balloon Accounting, get in touch. At Balloon Accounting I’ve set myself up on my own mission. I can’t change the whole world but if I can do one little thing to help change the life of just one or two individuals then why wouldn’t I ? So this is what I do. Every time I take on a new client I give 3 books to children who arrive in emergency care in the UK. Every time I complete a Tax Return I give a nourishing meal to girls rescued from sex trafficking in India. It’s not earth shattering but it might be a very small part of changing someones life for the better and that matters. Essentially I provide business and accounting help to those who support the most vulnerable in our community. Whether you’re in foster care, social work, education provision, care home, children’s nursery or health and well-being you have a passion to support others. Whether you are a regular limited company, a community interest company (CiC) or a charity your drive to help those less fortunate is an inspiration. And your passion is what drives me. I’ve worked in communities, I’ve been a foster carer and I’m married to Lisa, father to four terrific grown up children and grandad to six. I want to help those businesses that help others. It’s what I do. And incidentally, how many accountants do you know who’ve appeared on Ready Steady Cook and we weren’t cooking the books !

Google Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (64 total ratings)

Anna Wood
5 Star
I've used Balloon Accounting for a few years, and Andy has seen me through some busy and complicated times as a foster carer, freelance journalist and teacher. He is thorough, methodical, fast, he really knows his stuff and he communicates clearly and quickly. I could not recommend these services more highly, Balloon have reduced stress and made life better.
Wednesday 1st November 2023
Wired Therapy
5 Star
Andy is a caring, patient and supportive accountant. There is no question too big or too small. He is quick to respond and it is a genuine pleasure to work with such an understanding accountant who truly cares.
Friday 15th December 2023
Tracie Burnett
5 Star
Andy at Balloon accounting is fantastic, I cannot recommend enough. He has given me advice on different aspects of my accounting needs. He has guided me through a HRMC request and made me feel fully supported.
Saturday 25th November 2023
Vanessa Ball
5 Star
Andy has been my accountant for over 5 years now. He is brilliant. Always happy to answer my silly queries and his work is prompt, accurate and to a high standard. Definite value for money. Can’t speak any higher about this company.
Monday 12th June 2023
Peter Dodds
5 Star
Balloon Accounting have taken care of our accounts since 2014, over the years Andy has tailored his service according to the size of our business as well as our budget for accounting fees. As our business has grown in size, turnover and complexity, Balloon have stepped up and increased their level of involvement to meet our needs. Andy continues to give us a professional and friendly service, with excellent communication.
Monday 4th April 2022